Daily Desmos #337 (Advanced)


Mary Bourassa (@MaryBourassa)



On to the Challenge!

Can you create the following graph using desmos.com or some other graphing tool? If you’re victorious, leave us a note in the comments when you’re done. Create a function and use transformations of that function to create the other 4 graphs.


One thought on “Daily Desmos #337 (Advanced)

  1. The furthest most left function is f(x) = 0.1(x+6)(x+2)(x-4)
    The translations from left to right are of the following form: f(x-k)+k for k = 1, 2, 3, and 4.

    The only thing I’m not sure of is the leading coefficient of f(x). The graph didn’t really give me a good way to tell, but 1/10 looked about right.

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