9 thoughts on “Absolute-ly Square 1 (Basic)

  1. In this challenge I was able to recreate the image above by looking for the points. You would also used the y and x values with positive or negative signs to know where your want your line in. Also we would need the less or greater than sign for the line, instead of continue all the way, it would stop at the point you want. Hope you enjoy my recreation of this challenge

  2. I recreated the graph by looking at how the lines were positioned and at what points they stopped. By using addition and negative signs, x and y and greater and less than symbols, I was able to copy the diagonal or straight lines, as well as their stopping points and positions on the graph.
    Here is my recreation:

  3. This graph recreation was fun! As I began working my way from the outside (biggest square), first, I looked at what points each line stopped at and which way they were going. To know exactly where I wanted to place my lines, I used either positive or negative x or y values. To control the lines’ length, I used the greater or less signs. This made the lines stop at the correct point. I continued to do this until i got the perfect squares.


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