Welcome to Daily Desmos!

Daily Desmos

This site is inspired by a tweet from Dan Anderson, and the totally awesome desmos.com. I enjoyed solving Dan’s little challenge quite a bit, and was hungry for more. After a few tweets, it appeared that at least a few of the people I invited (What’s the Twitter equivalent for cold-calling?) were interested in creating more challenges similar to Dan’s. I offered to archive, Desmos said I could use their name in my blog title, and voila: the site is born.

With that as background, here’s the humble vision I have for this site:

  • A handful of people (myself and hopefully a few others) will take turns creating Daily Desmos challenges. We can each take a day of the week to share the workload and encourage regular posting. (I’ll take Mondays.)
  • The challenges will come via tweet consisting of an image of a function (graphed using Desmos) and the hashtag #DailyDesmos
  • Each challenge will be classified as Basic,ย Advanced, or Extreme.
  • I’ll archive every challenge within a day or two of its being tweeted by posting the image (and credit) on this blog.
  • Anyone interested in “playing along” (the contributors, our own students, other teachers and students) can share their solutions by posting a link in the comments to a saved Desmos graph.
If you have comments, questions, bits of wisdom, interest in contributing, or just want to express your insatiable desire for a steady flow of Daily Desmos challenges… Get thee to the comments!


Once we have a small collection of challenges, I’ll explore the best way to tag the posts so teachers can access challenges related to specific functions, relations, topics, etc.


This website is not affiliated with or run by Desmos, Inc.

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