7 thoughts on “Daily Desmos 1a (Advanced)

  1. Excited to see people leaving their attempts in the comments. Two questions I’m wondering about as this project continues to take shape:

    1. Should we share our attempts by writing the equation in the comments, or by linking to a saved Desmos graph? First way is simpler, second way prevents spoilers.
    2. For the advanced challenges, should the author post a hint at some point in the day? 12 pm? 3 pm? 6 pm?

    Thanks for playing along! I look forward to more contributions from the twitterblogosphere.

    P.S. A third question for those with more blogging expertise (especially related to comments): Should comments be more open? Or is a required sign-in a good way to fight spam?

  2. (2) Definitely — especially for the hardest ones. I still haven’t gotten this one exactly (in fact, no one here has). looks like a 4th power of cos to me. with a slope of ~1/3 under it. But I can’t get it to line up…

    What are the rules of the games? Are decimals allowed?

  3. Eli, we’re still working out the “rules of game.” I’ll add posts in a day or so for “How to Play” and “How to Contribute” to establish what is allowed in terms of functions, operations, parameters, etc.

    As for a hint for today’s, I have a special place in my heart for exponential functions in general and the natural base in particular.

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