Daily Desmos #334 (Advanced)


Jennifer Silverman(@Jensilvermath)



On to the Challenge!

Can you create the following graph using desmos.com or some other graphing tool? If you’re victorious, leave us a note in the comments when you’re done.

One thought on “Daily Desmos #334 (Advanced)

  1. Here’s my guess, but there must be an easier way.
    $y=\left\{0<x<.9:-.61673x^2+1.11x+.0009\space \right\}$
    $y=\left\{0<xx>-.9:.61673x^2+1.11x+.0009\space \right\}$
    $y=\left\{0>x>-.9:-\left(.61673x^2+1.11x+.0009\space \right)\right\}$
    (This was part of an assignment for a class)

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