Dancer 1b (Basic)


Dan Anderson (@dandersod)



On to the Challenge!

Can you create the following graph using or some other graphing tool? If you’re victorious, leave us a note in the comments when you’re done.
This animation uses a slider that goes from 2 to 20 with a step of 1.

5 thoughts on “Dancer 1b (Basic)

  1. At first I thought desmos was pretty cool but now i learned you can move it it’s even more cooler than at first i plan on using this every time i need something graphed

  2. Almost there, Jane!. The directions ask for a slider that goes from 2-20. It’d probably be more like this:

    y = (-1)^a * x

    Where 2<=a<=20
    That way, it jumps from a slope of 1 to -1 each step.

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