Lists #0 (Basic)


Dan Anderson (@dandersod)



On to the Challenge!

Desmos has a great new feature, lists. To define a list, try the following:

This will essentially give a 13 different values, so then with one more command you can get the following graph:
Can you recreate this graph in Desmos?

6 thoughts on “Lists #0 (Basic)

  1. It went up by 1 every time and you needed a positive and a negative side each time. starts off with x and ends with 6x. Also need a -x to -6x. The solution is
    y= x
    y= -x
    y= 2x
    y= -2x
    y= 3x
    y= 4x
    y= -4x
    y= 5x
    y= -5x
    y= 6x
    y= -6x

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