Daily Desmos 58a (Advanced)


Justin Lanier (@j_lanier)



On to the Challenge!

Can you create the following graph using desmos.com or some other graphing tool? If you’re victorious, leave us a note in the comments when you’re done.

Note: I had the idea for this graph and played around with it for a while in Desmos. I wasn’t able to make it happen with its engine and so I created it with Grapher instead. My solution doesn’t use any exotic functions, but Desmos didn’t like the combination of them that I used. Bonus points if you make this in Desmos, or update Desmos so it can be made. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Daily Desmos 58a (Advanced)

    1. Outstanding! This gives me a new way of thinking about the problem. Great job. Also, I think you can clean up your formula a little bit with some identities…

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